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Legal Health Checkup

Many people do not think of their everyday problems as being “legal problems” and do not know that they can get help. People living in poverty are more likely to report multiple problems such as ill health, unemployment, low income, unstable housing and family breakdown.


If you do not have enough money to live on, a good home or job, or adequate family, social and physical and mental health supports, your legal health may be at risk. But there is assistance available! Please contact us at 519 256 7831.


This checkup covers some of the legal problems we help people in our community solve every day.


Click here to take the check-up!

Halton Community Legal Services has created this check-up to help people who are living in poverty so they can identify legal problems and get help. Funding for the project is from Legal Aid Ontario’s Fund to Strengthen Capacity of Legal Clinics. A research and evaluation pilot project has been completed in Halton Region.

Starting in May 2016, nine additional community legal clinics in Ontario’s Southwest Region, including Legal Assistance of Windsor, are implementing the Legal Health Check-Up (LHC) approach to identifying and meeting unmet legal needs.

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