Legal Assistance of Windsor (LAW) was founded in 1974 as a clinical learning project of the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law. Its goal was to provide an environment in which students could experience issues relating to access to justice in the context of a “storefront clinic” in downtown Windsor by examining the law and the legal profession in context, while helping to provide legal services to those who were unable to pay a private lawyer and were unable to obtain a legal aid certificate.


In developing the program, it was recognized that the legal problems of the disadvantaged were often interrelated with social problems. Consequently, an interdisciplinary approach to the delivery of services was developed, which combined the expertise of the legal and social work professions to enable law students to work collaboratively in developing an appreciation and understanding of the knowledge, skills and theories of practice of both professions.


The mission of LAW is to enhance access to social justice to marginalized low-income people in Windsor-Essex by providing integrated face-to-face legal and social work services and through individual and systematic advocacy.


To find out more about us and the work we do, please see our Annual Reports: