Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Project

The project provides outreach, information and access to legal services to those at-risk or who may be experiencing sexual harassment in the work place. Confidential support and referrals are available.



Sexual harassment includes:

  • Unwelcome contact or closeness;

  • Remarks including teasing and talk about sexual activities;

  • Leering or staring;

  • Unwelcome requests for dates;

  • Requests for sexual favours;

  • Spreading rumours of a sexual nature ( including on-line);

  • Displays of sexually offensive pictures or graffiti.

We will also provide information sessions for agencies, employers, consumers on legal obligations and rights to a sexual harassment free workplace.

Contact "Contact Sarah Voegeli at 519-890-5311

Our Sexual Harassment in the Workplace project at Legal Assistance of Windsor provides:

Public Education

  • Windsor & Essex county

  • social service agencies & individuals

Outreach & Information

  • Human Rights

  • Legal Rights

  • Access to social services

  • support  & advocacy

Confidential Support & Access to Legal Services

  • for individuals vulnerable to or with past or ongoing experience of sexual harassment in the workplace